Design & Technology


Frames of our chairs are made from carefully selected Polish beech wood. Each batch of wood comes from the Polish State Forests which is a guarantee of the legality of origin and proof of application of the principles of responsible forest management for the sake of our environment.

Each batch of wood is subjected to an appropriate heat treatment in the steaming and drying process so our frames are resistant to cracking. In the process of mounting the frames are journalled and additionally reinforced to guarantee high quality and durability. This technology provides a safe and comfortable use of chairs for many years.

Each frame prior to staining and painting is hand polished by our staff. At this stage, we are able to find all the slightest defects of timber. Such prepared surface is a guarantee of obtaining reproducible staining wood with a flawless surface.



All frames are once sprayed stained with WaltherPilot guns in modern OMIA painting cabin. Proper temperature, humidity and ventilation system shall provide perfect conditions for process of staining and varnishing. With this technology we are able to meet the high demands of our customers.

After the process of staining frames goes to the dryer, and then they are subjected to double painting with water varnish using a low-pressure spray gun and the Wagner piston pump. After each layer of clearcoat the frames are hand grind by our staff to guarantee their high quality.

Concerned about the environment we use only water stains and varnishes Italian company Sayerlack. It is a leading and respected worldwide manufacturer of paint. We use wood stains and varnishes that meet the strict European standards, among others, in terms of:

  • Safety of toys- standard PN EN 71.3
  • resistance to cold liquids – standard PN EN 12720
  • and many others like IKEA R4.



The seats of our chairs are available in three variants:

  • MDF
  • SP BH springs
  • elastic straps

Depending on the product we use a dedicated solution. On request, we can apply any variant of the seat of the proposals. Details in the product description.

In the backs of chairs and seats we use only elastic straps with extensibility 60%. This is the optimal solution for maintaining a high comfort.

Polyurethane foams used in our products comes from leading manufacturer Eurofoam Poland (a company belonging to the Eurofoam group), which is the industry leader in polyurethane on the European market. Modern machinery and high standards of our suppliers are our guarantee repeatability of each batch of foams.

N3543 foam - a foam with a density of 35g/m3 with stiffness in the range 3,8-5kPa and resilience of not less than 45% - we use it on the seats of our products. On the basis of our experience there are the optimal characteristics of seat foam for the sake of high comfort.

N2538 foam - a foam with a density of 25 g/m3, with stiffness in the range 3,3-4,6kPa and resilience of not less than 40% - we use it on the backs of our products. On the basis of our experience there are the optimal characteristics of seat foam for the sake of high comfort.

On request, we can apply the foam with the selected parameters or certified fire resistance (for large quantities).



In our products, we attach great attention to detail, that affect the final quality of the models. Cases of our chairs are formed from precisely prepared blanks, which then hit the modern equipped sewing machines from Juki. A team of skilled seamstresses is the guarantee of carefully sewing of each case. For their production we use the best upholstery thread "MARS" of Polish manufacturer's Amanda.

Well-sewn case is only half of the final success of which is neatly finished product. Thanks to our qualified upholsters with many years of experience in this field, we are able to guarantee precise craftsmanship of our products at the highest level. Each model also passes the final quality control to detect and improve any deficiencies.